Art Installations & Decoartions Application Form

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NOTE! if you apply as volunteer with your project, you will get a free festival ticket and an accommodation at our volunteers camp.

In the spirit of celebrating life, our mission is to share and spread Love, Joy, Light and Festiveness of creativity in all its forms, shapes and colors.

Therefore with our arms and hearts wide open we would like to invite you to join us communicating this spirit and message to the Psychedelic Family by implementing:

Into Life Celebration Festival 2016!

Being the center of our planetary system, the Sun is the main source of all life and energy and has always been an object of admiration and inspiration for mankind.
The main theme for LCF 2016 is inspired by the Sun.

We will do our best to provide you with materials needed for your project, but please try to keep your demands moderate.

We urge you as well to use as much as possible natural materials from the site (we have a lot of wood, stones, branches and hay)

Art Installations and Decorations are required mostly for decorating the Festival Entrance; Chill Floor; Camping, Food and Market Area; Wood Paths leading from Entrance to Main Floor.

Please take your time to fill the application form and provide us a meaningful description of your art, performance and requirements.


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